Integration of Food Combining in Your Every Day’s Life

Almost everybody who had tried several diets knows of and is aware of the problem: It is hard to integrate a diet into one’s busy everyday life and to go through with it. In a restaurant often all the good resolutions go overboard. In addition, after a few days of dieting one feels that one has to abstain from too many tasty foods which generally make eating a pleasure.

Food Combining is so easy to handle. If you follow the rules you can eat almost everything. This will keep the pleasure in eating because you will not feel restricted. The proper combination of different foods is the one important factor. Even in restaurants it is very easy to find good food combinations as there is always the option of asking to replace the potatoes with vegetables or salads.

The experience of numerous Food Combiners shows that it is easily possible to follow the rules in everyday life without feeling restricted. While other diets are hard to endure and are often quitted after a short period of sticking with it most Food Combiners keep up the dieting.

How beneficial is a radical diet causing tremendous weight loss when it is not suitable for daily use and one puts back the weight as fast as one has lost it?

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