Copyright: Jo Küster ( principles of Food Combining are very simple. Do not combine carbohydrates and proteins at the same meal as different food types require different digestive secretions. If you are having potatoes for lunch do not combine it with meat or fish. Likewise, if you are having bacon or eggs for breakfast, do not combine them with bread. You can combine proteins or carbohydrates with so-called ‘neutral’ foods. Fortunately there are a lot of neutral foods available giving us a wide range of choices to be used in the recipes. This is one of the major differences compared to most diets which are often restrictive and mundane.

There are no forbidden foods, the way how you combine them makes all the difference. Hence, Food Combining is a pleasure and a satisfying, non-starving diet.

The theory behind Food Combining is that it is easier to digest carbohydrates and proteins when they are eaten separately. The body gets rid of toxins easier, the metabolic rate is increased, and the body stores less fat. Furthermore Food Combining is a simple way to counteract digestive problems and excess weight.

Balance your metabolism with Food Combining!

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