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Start cooking with a variety of delicious, tried-out and tested Food Combining recipes sorted by food groups. Choose one group and get to know very simple or more challenging recipes. Food Combining does not mean restriction, this diet simply uses an intelligent way of combining food. Browse through the recipes and you will see for yourself.

Find vegetarian recipes quick and easy, they are flagged with

Protein: Food Combining recipes with meat

Protein: Food Combining recipes with eggs or poultry

Protein: Food Combining recipes with sea food

Protein: Food Combining recipes with ‘other’ proteins

Carbohydrates: Food Combining recipes with pasta, potatoes, rice and more

Neutral dishes: Recipes for easily digestible entrees and side dishes

Please note: Many of the recipes were translated from European recipes that used metric quantities of the ingredients. Hence, some of the quantities listed here appear to be odd when expressed into US oz, lb, or cups.

We are constantly expanding our recipe collection. Therefore, check our website regularly. You are welcome to send us your own Food Combining recipe – preferably with photo. Simply email your recipe to We will gladly publish it.

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