Neutral: Cashew Milk

home made cashew milkHomemade cashew milk is creamier than store-bought milk alternatives. Its nearly imperceptible nutty flavor makes it versatile and it can be substituted for cow’s milk in many recipes.
The nuts blend entirely into water (depending on your blender, you shouldn’t need to strain the mixture), thus this non-dairy milk retains all the fiber and nutrients of the raw cashews. Cashews are a good source for vitamins B and E, and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and calcium.
Please note that the sweetened cashew milk belongs to the carbohydrate food group.

Serves: about 4 cups
about 10 minutes (plus 8–12 hours soaking time)

Depending on your blender: a nut milk bag or cheese coth
1 cup raw cashews
3 cups water (for the blend; use less water for even creamier results)
For sweetened milk: 2 pitted Medjool dates, dried

How to:

  1. Place raw cashews in a bowl and cover with cold water. Allow to soak overnight in the refrigerator.
  2. Drain and discard the soaking liquid. Rinse the soaked cashews several times with fresh water.
  3. In a high-powered blender, combine soaked cashews and water (and pitted Medjool dates).
  4. Blend for about 2 minutes or until the mixture is very smooth. Depending on your blender, the milk is ready to use. If the milk contains sediment, it is best to strain it through a nut milk bag or cheese cloth.
  5. Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator and consume within 3–5 days.
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