Ready-to-Serve Products

Fast food and ready-to-serve products (meals, salad dressing, side dishes, etc) are very common. If you consider to follow the Food Combining Diet, you may have to change your buying behavior. This is because the ingredients of most ready-to-serve products belong to several food categories and are therefore not suitable for the FCD. In addition, many salad dressings or ready-to-serve sauces and gravies contain hidden sugar or carbohydrates in different forms. This may also apply to low fat and other light products. Make sure to read the ingredient list.

Plain frozen foods are a good alternative as they commonly contain only one ingredient such as a fruit or vegetables. Avoid the frozen ready-to-serve meals or the vegetables that come with a sauce.

You do not count calories in the FDC. You simply prepare your meals from scratch using herbs and home-made sauces. While this sounds like requiring a lot of effort, it can, in fact, be done with little effort.

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