When to Weigh Yourself

If you intend to lose weight through the FCD, you should know that your body will need about a month to adapt to the new diet (as you may know by now, the miracle ‘over-might’ diets do not exist). That means you will need some patience to see results on the scale but you may already feel differently after the first week.

The way we deal with the scale is important. We all know how it is to get on the scale in the morning and to realize that you weigh in more than you hoped for. Immediately you hear the voice in your head telling you that you are a failure. And although we hate this self-loathing, we repeat it the next morning, and our self-esteem wanes in the process.

Do not throw away your scale but–please–do not get on the scale more than once a week. Always use the same scale and stick to the same weighing time (such as in the morning before breakfast). Slow progress on a scale can be trying your patience. Be kind to yourself. Don’t give up! The reward is long-lasting, healthy weight loss and a general improvement how you feel and eat!

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