Q. Can I use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or Splenda in the FCD?
A.  Artificial sweeteners are not suitable for FCD. They are calorie-free chemicals which are best avoided. In addition it is said that they actually increase the appetite. It is better to use natural sweeteners like honey, agave nectar or maple syrup. They are all carbohydrates.

Q. Can I have cereals with milk in the FCD?
A. Milk belongs to the protein food group and should not be combined with cereals (carbohydrates). Prepare “a neutral milk” by mixing heavy cream with water or use almond milk or coconut milk.

Q. Is chocolate allowed in the FCD?
A. Chocolate does not fit into the FCD and should therefore be avoided. Treat yourself to the occasional bar of dark chocolate and do not combine with other foods.

Q. Is coffee allowed in the FCD?
A. Coffee should be avoided as it is considered a highly acidic drink. Do not combine coffee with milk. Replace milk by heavy cream/whipped cream.

Q. Do I have to count calories in the FCD?
A. You do not count calories BUT you should not overeat. Stop eating as soon as you notice that you are not hungry anymore.

Q. Are legumes allowed in the FCD?
A. There are some foods in which the dominant nutrient is not so obvious. All kind of beans are being dominated by both proteins and carbohydrates. This is the reason why they are so difficult to digest and should be avoided in the Food Combining Diet. Same with lentils and peas.

Q. Is milk allowed in the FCD?
A. Milk is best taken alone as it does not digest in the stomach (but in the duodenum). Therefore in the present of milk the stomach does not respond with regular secretion.

Q. Are pancakes allowed in the FCD?
A. Only if the ingredients are proper combined. Please see here our pancake recipe.

Q. Is popcorn allowed on the FCD plan?
A. Yes, you can have popcorn. It belongs to the carbohydrate food group.

Q. Are teas allowed in the FCD?
A. Black and green teas should be avoided as they are considered a highly acidic drink. Herbal teas are a healthy alternative.

Q. What thickening agent would you recommend?
A. Thickening agents are tricky as they contain lots of carbohydrates. Agar agar has very  few carbs. Flakes contain about 1g of carbs per tablespoon. That is enough to create a soft gel with 1 cup of liquid. For gravy you would certainly need less.

Q. Are tomatoes neutral?
A. Raw tomatoes are neutral. Cooked tomatoes belong to the protein food group as the various acids in the tomatoes intensify in the cooking process.

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