Alphabetical Food Index

acerola protein
ackee neutral
acorn squash neutral
adzuki beans not suitable for FCD
agave nectar (natural sweetener) carbohydrate
algae (Arame, Hijiki, Kombu, Nori, Spirulina, Wakame) neutral
algae, dried carbohydrate
almonds neutral
almond butter neutral
almond milk neutral
ambercup squash neutral
apple cider vinegar neutral
apple juice, unsweetened protein
apple, sour protein
apple, sweet carbohydrate
apple cider vinegar neutral
apricot protein
apricot, dried carbohydrate
artichoke neutral
arugula neutral
asparagus neutral
Australian blue squash neutral
autumn cup squash neutral
avocado neutral
bacon protein
baking powder carbohydrate
bamboo shoots neutral
banana carbohydrate
banana, dried carbohydrate
banana squash neutral
barley carbohydrate
bean sprouts neutral
beans, green neutral
beer carbohydrate
beetroot neural
berries (except for blueberries) protein
biscuit carbohydrate
black beans not suitable for FCD
blackberries protein
black currants protein
blueberries neutral
Boston lettuce neutral
brazil nuts neutral
bread carbohydrate
breakfast cereals carbohydrate
Brie cheese (containing more than 50% fat in dry matter – FDM) neutral
Brussels spouts neutral
broad beans not suitable for FCD
broccoli neutral
buckwheat carbohydrate
buffalo mozzarella cheese (containing more than 45% fat in dry matter) neutral
buns carbohydrate
butter neutral
buttercup squash neutral
buttermilk neutral
butternut squash neutral
cakes without egg whites carbohydrate
calabash neutral
calabaza squash neutral
cape gooseberry protein
calamari protein
candied lemon peel carbohydrate
candied orange peel carbohydrate
cane sugar carbohydrate
cantaloupe neutral
caraway seeds neutral
carnival squash neutral
carob flour carbohydrate
carrot neutral
casaba melon neutral
cashew nuts neutral
cauliflower neutral
caviar protein
celeriac neutral
celery neutral
cereals carbohydrate
champagne protein
chayote squash neutral
cheese (containing more than 50% fat in dry matter) neutral
cheese (containing up to 50% fat in dry matter) protein
cheese pumpkin neutral
cherries protein
chestnut neutral
chickpeas carbohydrate
chia seed, dried neutral
chili neutral
Chinese cabbage neutral
chives neutral
chocolate not suitable for FCD
cider protein
citrus fruits protein
cocoa powder (dark, unprocessed) carbohydrate
coconut neutral
coconut cream neutral
coconut milk neutral
coconut (palm) sugar carbohydrate
coconut water neutral
coffee not suitable for FCD
corn carbohydrate
corn starch carbohydrate
cottage cheese neutral
couscous carbohydrate
crab meat protein
crackers carbohydrate
cream neutral
cream cheese neutral
crenshaw melon neutral
creme fraiche neutral
crispbread carbohydrate
cucumber neutral
cucuzza (Italian squash) neutral
curly kale neutral
custard powder carbohydrate
dates carbohydrate
delicata squash neutral
dill seeds neutral
dried fruits carbohydrate
duck protein
egg white protein
egg yolk neutral
egg, (whole egg) protein
eggplant neutral
eight-ball squash neutral
elderberries neutral
endive neutral
escargot protein
falafel not suitable for FCD
farmer’s cheese neutral
fava beans not suitable for FCD
fennel neutral
feta cheese neutral
fig, fresh or dried carbohydrate
fish, cooked and not smoked protein
fish oil neutral
flax seeds neutral
French beans neutral
fruit vinegar neutral
Galia melon neutral
garden peas neutral
garbanzo beans carbohydrate
garlic neutral
gelling agent neutral
ginger neutral
goat cheese neutral
goat’s milk protein
gold ball squash neutral
gold nugget squash neutral
goose protein
gooseberries protein
Gorgonzola cheese protein
Gouda cheese protein
grains (all grains) carbohydrate
grapefruit protein
grapes protein
grappa neutral
green beans neutral
grits carbohydrate
Gruyere cheese neutral
guava protein
Guinea fowl protein
hallomi or haloumi neutral
hazelnut neutral
hazelnut milk neutral
hemp milk / hemp seed milk neutral
herbs neutral
Hijiki neutral
honey carbohydrate
honeydue melon
hubbard squash neutral
hummous carbohydrate
Indian bitter melon neutral
kabocha squash neutral
kefir, plain neutral
kidney beans not suitable for FCD
kiwi protein
kohlrabi neutral
kumquat protein
labneh neutral
lamp protein
leek neutral
lemon protein
lemon juice protein
lentils not suitable for FCD
lettuce neutral
lima beans not suitable for FCD
lime protein
lime juice protein
lingonberries protein
linseeds neutral
lobster protein
macadamia nuts neutral
mangel (also mangelwurzel/mangold wurzel) neutral
mango protein
maple syrup carbohydrate
mascarpone cheese neutral
Matjes herring neutral
mayonnaise, 50% – 80% oil neutral
meat, cooked protein
meat, raw neutral
milk, reduced fat protein
milk, skim protein
millet carbohydrate
milk, regular protein
mirabelles protein
molasses carbohydrate
moong beans not suitable for FCD
mo qua squash neutral
mozzarella cheese neutral
mushrooms neutral
mussels protein
mustard, medium hot neutral
mustard seeds neutral
noodles without eggs carbohydrate
nuts except for peanuts neutral
oat porridge carbohydrate
oats carbohydrate
oat bran neutral
okra neutral
olive oil neutral
olives neutral
onions neutral
Oolong tea not suitable for FCD
orange protein
oyster protein
papaya protein
parmesan cheese neutral
parsley neutral
parsnip neutral
passion fruit protein
pasta without eggs carbohydrate
pastries without egg white carbohydrate
peach protein
peanut butter protein
peanuts protein
pear protein
pearl barley carbohydrate
peas neutral
pecan nuts neutral
peppers neutral
Physalis protein
pine nuts neutral
pineapple protein
pineapple, dried carbohydrate
pinto beans not suitable for FCD
pistachios neutral
pita bread carbohydrate
plums proteins
pointed cabbage neutral
pomegranate protein
poppy seeds neutral
potato starch carbohydrate
potatoes carbohydrate
poultry protein
prawn protein
prickly pear protein
prosciutto neutral
prune plum protein
Psyllium seed husks neutral
pumpkin neutral
pumpkin seeds neutral
quince protein
quinoa carbohydrate
Quorn protein
radicchio neutral
radish neutral
raisins neutral
red beets neutral
raspberries neutral
red cabbage neutral
red currant protein
red kuri squash neutral
red wine dry protein
red wine, fruity carbohydrate
rhubarb protein
rice carbohydrate
rice milk carbohydrate
rice noodles carbohydrate
rice paper carbohydrate
ricotta cheese neutral
rolls carbohydrate
Roquefort cheese neutral
rose hip protein
runner beans neutral
rutabaga neutral
rye carbohydrate
Ryvita (crispbread) carbohydrate
sake neutral
salami neutral
sallow thorn protein
salmon, smoked neutral
Santa Claus melon neutral
sauerkraut neutral
sausage, cooked protein
sausage, raw and smoked neutral
savory cabbage neutral
scallions neutral
seafood protein
semolina carbohydrate
sesame seeds neutral
shallots neutral
sheep’s milk neutral
shellfish protein
sherry, dry protein
snails protein
St. Agur cheese neutral
soda bread carbohydrate
sorghum flour carbohydrate
sour cream neutral
soured milk neutral
soybean flour protein
soybeans protein
spaghetti squash neutral
sparkling wine (dry) protein
spelt carbohydrate
spelt bran neutral
spices neutral
spinach neutral
Spirulina neutral
sprouts neutral
steak tartar protein
strawberries protein
sugar carbohydrate
sugar snaps neutral
sunflower seeds neutral
sweet potatoes carbohydrate
tahini neutral
tangerine protein
tartar sauce, 50% – 80% oil neutral
tea neutral
tofu protein
tomatoes, raw neutral
tomatoes, sun-dried neutral
tomatoes, cooked protein
tonic water not suitable for FCD
tortilla carbohydrate
tortilla chips carbohydrate
turban squash neutral
turkey protein
turnip neutral
TVP (textured vegetable protein) protein
unripe spelt grain carbohydrate
Vegemite neutral
vegetable juice neutral
vegetables neutral
vinegar protein
walnuts neutral
water neutral
water chestnut neutral
watercress neutral
watermelon neutral
wheat carbohydrate
wheat bran neutral
wheat germ neutral
white beans not suitable for FCD
white cabbage neutral
white wine protein
wild rice carbohydrate
yams carbohydrate
yeast neutral
yellow squash (yellow zucchini) neutral
yoghurt (plain) neutral
zucchini neutral